Women and Children Excluded From the Future Italy? The Reaction to Post Covid-19

We must hurry, before it’s too late! In Italy they are responding to the crisis of women and youth unemployment, we now appeal to the USA.

The Italy of the future but also, and above all, that of the present, risks being a nation of excluded people, first of all women and young people. During this crisis Mission Bambini, a non-profit organization based in Milan, has launched a campaign to collect funds also in the US .

It is not a threat nor an appeal!
It is  the reality: the reality of those women, Italian mothers who risk returning to the “domestic outbreak” instead of their job! Despite the Family Act, strongly called for by the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the family of Elena Bonetti, which, as she put it, represents  “the desire to start over with clear proposals that want to change the lives of our families for the better”,  the current crisis is bringing to light the vulnerabilities of our country: female unemployment and the education of future generations. In Italy, there are over 9.8 million women who are employed; of these, nearly 5.4 million are mothers.
For these women, going back to work might be a challenge, if not impossible, especially for those with children under eighteen.

The Censis investigation. “Italia sotto sforzo. Diario della transizione 2020
conducted on a sample of 2,812 school administrators, indicates that 9 out of 10 students were excluded from teaching. That is, only 11% of schools succeeded in involving their students in online lessons. A result achieved mainly thanks to the “good will and commitment of the teachers and the whole teaching staff”, as reported by one of the most reputable socio-economic research centers in our country.

The Italy of the future but also, and above all, that of the present, risks being a nation of excluded people, first of all women and young people. In this crisis, Mission Bambini, an Italian non-profit organization based in Milan but present throughout Italy, took steps to help women and young people by launching a fundraising campaign in the United States. The campaign is named:  Italians call Americans: Help to rebuild Italy as after WWII  because once again not only American citizens but also  Italian American communities, Italians living abroad, can have a fundamental role in helping Italy out in a crisis that resembles the crisis Italy faced at the end of the Second World War.

Sara Modena, MissionBambini ‘s director, describes the gravity of the moment and the importance of receiving help, internationally, with few, but simple, answers.

Why is the help of the Italian-American community and  American citizens so important?

“As already occurred when central Italy was struck by an earthquake, in August 2016, worldwide support was instrumental in reviving kindergartens, schools and providing psychological support to earthquake victims.”

Can you also tell us, to whom does the appeal of the fund raising campaign launched on the KBFUS platform go?

“To all! Covid-19 is a global problem and we, of Mission Bambini, offer a global response. Everyone can donate. Noteworthy is the fact that the KBFUS platform is recognized by the American tax system as a non-profit, and as such guarantees all donations to be tax-deductible in the USA.”

In addition to launching a fund raising campaign, have you also opened a nonprofit in New York?

“We would like to find partners such as foundations, companies or agencies in the United States, to collaborate with us to help mitigate the unemployment of women from growing further in Italy, where unfortunately the female employment rate is already one of the worst, and supporting future generations so that they are not “forced” to leave their country. I therefore appeal to everyone through this newspaper.”

If you are a private citizen, help us by clicking and donating at this link of the international fundraising campaign Italians call Americans: Help to rebuild Italy as after WWII.

If you are a foundation, company or possible partner, contact Maria Elena DiFazio at  mariaelena.difazio@missionbambini.org.

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